5 Quick & Easy, Bedroom Interior Decoration Ideas

5 Quick & Easy, Bedroom Interior Decoration Ideas

As a homeware business owner, it’s no surprise that I believe good bedroom design has the power to promote a positive mood, help people sleep better and lead a stress-free life.

But scientists are backing me up. For example, Association for Psychology & People Science conducts research and surveys that show people are indeed affected by the ambience of their bedroom. The colour of the wall, the pattern on the quilt, wall mirrors, their closet design, everything has an effect on their mood and wellbeing in the long term.

Now let’s see how you can decorate your bedroom beautifully in 5 simple steps

1. Use vibrant colours

Lemuria handmade quilt. Passionately handmade from scratch. Reversible quilt with thick cotton filling. Beautiful floral designs and vibrant colours

Featuring Lemuria handblock printed quilt

There is a quote “The best colour in the world is the one you love”. Use colours that you love in your bedroom. There are no right or wrong colours. Do not choose colours to satisfy others. Please keep in mind that it is your bedroom and it doesn’t matter if your friends or family (the ones that do not live with you) like it or not.

If you like bright, vibrant colours? Then go for it.

If you like subtle colours, then go for it too.

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2. Sunlight

Big window letting sunlight in to the bedroom. Agasti blog about 5 simple steps to decorate your bedroom

Just like colours, the bright sunlight-filled room will improve your mood drastically as well. Not to mention the free Vitamin D you get from it.

Open the windows, let the fresh air and sunlight fill your room. Don’t block the windows with intense treatments. If you like to sleep in total darkness, you can always opt for blackout shades that you can tuck to the side during the day.

In our previous home, one of our bedrooms had a small window and we never saw sunlight pass through it. As a result, we never felt like spending time in it. Our daughter never entered that room and she used to call it a dark dungeon.

But in the new home, the bedroom has a ceiling height window that makes such a difference. Especially during the summer, when you wake up to the early morning light, it feels so beautiful and makes you jump out of the bed and start your day.

3. Have a wall mirror

Wall mirror - Agasti blog about 5 simple steps for bedroom interior decoration

Wall mirrors are fantastic. If you don’t have one, please get it asap! And try to get a tall one too.

They reflect sunlight, add a great aesthetic and comes in handy when getting dressed.

4. Choosing the right furniture

Choosing the right furniture for your bedroom is really important

Choosing the right furniture is really important for your bedroom. Sometimes we all tend to buy a piece of furniture that we are not really happy about. Probably someone gifted it to us or your partner bought it for you or you just bought them to keep up with the Joneses.

Either way, big chunky furniture in your bedroom that you don’t like is a big NO-NO. So, if you have one that you don’t like, sell it on the FB marketplace and get yourself a better one that you actually like and most importantly the one that you will use and will make you happy.

5. Remember less is more

Last but not least, less is always more. Keep your bedroom (and home in general) as minimalistic as possible.

Fewer things mean, more savings, more space, easy to clean and maintain and research has proved that people who own fewer things in their home lead a happy and fulfilling life.

I have written another blog about “Five simple steps to achieve a minimalistic home”. You can read it by clicking here if you are interested.