Do you know the difference between a patchwork quilts & a hand block printed quilt?

Do you know the difference between a patchwork quilts & a hand block printed quilt?

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Now, I assume you are interested in knowing what is the difference between patchwork quilt & hand block printed quilt. 

While both of them are handmade and wonderful, there are some big differences when it comes to how they are made and the history behind them. 


What is a patchwork quilt? 

Image showing a beautiful patchwork quilt - Agasti

A patchwork quilt is a quilt which is created by sewing multiple patches of fabrics together. Initially, they were made to make full use of leftover fabric scraps but now different types of fabrics are bought specially to make patchwork quilts. 

Sometimes thick quilted fabrics are used to create a patchwork quilt. They can also be made of thin fabrics with no fillings. There are no set rules on how to make a patchwork quilt. As long as they serve your purpose, a patchwork quilt can look and feel however you want.

Quilting has a long history, likely more than five millennia, according to the Wikipedia. Some say they evolved in Europe and some say the modern patchwork quilts found their roots in North America. 

Regardless of where it originated, quilting does provide some sort of comfort. It expresses art, and by gifting a quilt to your loved ones, you are expressing love, empathy and compassion. 


What is a hand block printed quilt?  

Image shows the process of hand block printed quilt making by Agasti

We make hand block printed quilts, so it is easy to explain. The above picture shows the process of how we make our quilts. 

First step is to draw the design on a piece of paper. 

Then carve that design on a piece of wood. 

Then print on them on a soft muslin fabric. Depending on the design and the number of colours used, it might take 3 - 8 different blocks to make one quilt design. 

Then some quilts are filled with fluffy natural cotton (like ours) 

Finally, it is quilted by quilters to make a gorgeous hand block printed quilt. 

It involves a team of highly skilled people executing a series of steps in a meticulous way to achieve the desired quilt quality and design. These steps can take months to complete, so imagine the effort that goes into producing these wonderful pieces of textile art.

If you would like to watch how we make our quilts, you can watch it by clicking this link here

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