The simple art of styling your bed

The simple art of styling your bed

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My husband always goes into panic mode whenever I start talking about styling the bed.

Styling your bed doesn’t mean changing everything upside down. Nor does it mean you should buy expensive beddings and replace the existing ones.

Styling your bed means organising and arranging the space in a nice and elegant way so that you love your bed, which in turn will help you get better sleep and lead a happy life.

I have also written a blog about 5 quick & easy bedroom interior decoration ideas if you want to read that one.

Anyway, coming back to styling your bed, start with making your bed every day after you wake up. It’s not just pretty but you would also accomplish the first task of the day. It will give you a sense of achievement and encourage you to kick start your day in a positive way.

The first item that should go on top of the bed is a fitted sheet. This way the bed won’t get dirty and you also don’t need to sleep on the bed directly. The fitted sheets can be of any plain colour you like.

The next thing that should go on top of the fitted sheet would be a nice bedspread or a coverlet. The quilted the better. It will decorate the bed nicely and will also give you a warm, cushy feel.

Then choose a nice quilt, a blanket or a doona or a comforter that you would like to go on top of the coverlet and fold them halfway through. Go crazy with the quilt. Don’t settle for dull and boring quilts just because that’s what your friends have. Go for the one which you like the most. Jazz it up, you would be surprised how a cool quilt will change your bedroom completely for the better.

Pillows are really important when it comes to getting a good night sleep. So choose your pillows wisely. Select the ones that don’t give you any neck aches, and the ones that are suitable for your sleeping positions, etc. Always check for the reviews before buying one.

And finally, arrange the bed with a couple of nice embroidered cushion covers. They give the bedroom a rich look and also add so much depth and elegance. Obviously, I am biased but trust me, embroidered cushion covers will transform your bedroom into a paradise.

That’s it. That’s all you need to make your bed look lovely and at the same time, it will keep you nice and warm and give you the much desired, good night sleep.

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