Discover the Magic of Handmade Craftsmanship

Welcome to Agasti, your source for exquisite hand block quilts and embroidered cushion covers in Australia

We are a small Australian business dedicated to the art of hand block printing and embroidery. Each piece is carefully and lovingly created by our skilled artisans.

Our quilt and cushion covers feature stunning bespoke designs and vibrant colours that will transform any living or bedroom space into paradise.

We take immense pride in bringing you the finest handcrafted treasures for your home. Discover the beauty, quality, and uniqueness of our handcrafted quilts and cushion covers.


Why buy from Agasti?


Thick Cotton Filling

Most quilts on the market (traditional Kantha quilts) have thin surgical cotton as a filling. At Agasti, we’ve chosen to use thick, unprocessed cotton, which gives you the much-desired cosiness and warmth. 

Azo free dyes

 To put it simply, we don't use harmful chemicals, so it's easy on your skin

Secure payment

As part of secure payment, your credit card details are encrypted in the transmission to protect your financial and personal information 

Free express shipping

To avoid guesswork, we offer a free express shipping within Australia and flat-rate International shipping. 

100% handmade with love and care

Our products aren't just another commoditised textile produced in a factory. On the contrary, our quilts and cushion covers are delicately handcrafted, making each production unique and truely one of a kind.