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Haathee Handblock Printed Quilt

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Design Inspiration

This quilt is inspired by the wonderful creatures called Haathee, meaning ‘Elephants’. Elephants are cute and wonderful animals, but did you know there’s a strong connection between the characteristics of an Elephant and a woman?

Just like humans, when it comes to Elephants, mummy is the boss :)

A matriarch leads the herd and she’s strong. She’s a leader and protector, yet compassionately loves her babies and chases away lions.

A true 21st-century woman, don’t you think?

Symbols of Elephants are traditionally considered to bring good luck, courage, wisdom, and protection to the homes we live in. Bring all these fabulous qualities to your home with our stunning Haathee quilt.


Product Description

This is a reversible, handblock printed quilt. It’s printed on both sides so can be used either way.

It contains a total of three layers: two layers of hand-printed, soft cotton fabric, and a middle layer of hand fluffed, natural cotton. Unlike traditional Kantha quilts, we’ve chosen to use fluffy, open cotton, which gives you the much-desired cosiness and warmth.

Our quilts are hand block printed by master artisans, then entirely hand quilted by dedicated and caring women. Months of hard work goes into making a high-quality quilt that adds character to your bedroom.

We create our products in small batches and do not mass produce them, so you become the proud owner of a quilt that’s been crafted with love and care

You can watch a 3-minute video about our quilt making process here.

  • Size - 230W x 260L cm (approx. it might vary 1 or 2cms among quilts)
  • Weight -  3 Kgs (approx.) 
  • Fabric - Unbleached 100% cotton that gets softer every day
  • Filling - Hand fluffed, natural open cotton
  • Printing method - Hand block printed by artisans
  • Design - Exclusively designed and crafted for Agasti
  • Quilting - Hand quilted
  • Dyes - Azo-free dyes (to put it simply, we don't use harmful chemicals, so it's easy on your skin)
  • Packaging - A cotton quilt bag that can be used to store the quilt during the off-season. We also use a bio-degradable poly mailer to send our products.
  • Washing - Our quilts are machine washable. They are tightly stitched, so they are strong and doesn't get damaged easily. They don't bleed colour either. Please use delicate settings while using washing machines. More info about washing and care is available here.

Please note, we’ve made every effort to display the colours and images of our products as accurately as possible. However, colours might look slightly different depending on the type of computer monitor or mobile phone used to view the pictures.

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Haathee Handblock Printed Quilt

Haathee Handblock Printed Quilt


Customer Reviews

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Melissa White
Absolutely stunning

I received this quilt well wrapped for international travel. When i opened it i had nothing but smiles. This quilt is superbly made and is absolutely gorgeous. I will be watching out for more lovely top quality quilts to buy. Thank you for everything!